For the past twenty-five years I have been working with various digital imaging technologies.  But, nothing prepared me for the onslaught of today’s imaging evolution.  It is keeping me young just staying on top of it. 

During the past eight years the pace of changes in photography is phenomenal.  The development of digital photography has returned the “darkroom” to the photographer.  Now from the moment of capture to the finished product is entirely in the hands of the photographer.  The latter is true if the photographer is willing to acquire, and take the time to learn to use the necessary equipment and software. 

Contrary to most beliefs, this can be an expensive undertaking as the digital camera is only a part of the whole investment, although and depending on the quality it will likely be the larger part.  The additional equipment needed includes computers, software, and printers.  Even though most of us have computers digital images tend to be large and post processing will make them even larger, hence the need for a faster computer, more memory and vastly more storage space.  Then there is the post processing software, which in itself is an ongoing investment.  Once one gets started in this process the need for lighting systems and printing will become inevitable.  So, the entry cost is much higher than the unsuspecting artist ever anticipated. 

I am presently teaching artists in the use of various post-processing techniques, as well providing the final printed output of their work.  Also, I capture images of artworks for reproduction and archiving, as well as photojournalism.

Should you have any questions I would be happy to try and answer them.



Michael Klar

Ralkin Limited


416 515 0176

Cell: 416 200 6850



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