D3, 280mm, the only postprocessing done are Crop and Sharpening

I’m a photographer of fine art my work has been published in a book “Find Your Heart” and media such as the Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, Lifestyles Magazine, and Inspire Magazine, to mention a few. A number of my images are on display in private collections. I have also contributed my time and skills to many charitable works for organizations such as “The Abilitas Arts Festival”, “The Autism Acceptance Project” and “NAAR”, to name a few.

My education consists of degrees in philosophy and the sciences. From an early age I have always been involved in photography and used this media throughout my career. My background has been of benefit in applying the latest technologies in this medium as well as capturing the esoteric aspects of the ordinary. As a professional photographer, my work has been acknowledged by major organizations such as Nikon Pro and membership with the Professional Photographers of Ontario society.

I continues to strive to not only capture the image, but the feeling of the moment, expressing more than what the eye can see. Although much of my work is oriented towards urban life, I am working on a series that will encompass rare wildlife species and exotic natural environments.

I am just getting started with blogging and there may be a number of changes to the format of this blog as time goes by.

I look forward to your comments and thank you for looking.